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Patient:  K. A.

Comment:  Josh [Dr. White] at Complete Life Chiropractic saved my life. I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis and he gave me my life back! I can do all the little things now that people take for granted, like walking, standing, and moving.





Patient:  C. D.

Comment:  I have been to several chiropractors in our area. It began with recovering from a wreck a few years ago. I finally found one that benefits me. I see Dr. White at Complete Life Chiropractic every three weeks. And sometimes in between. My career field is very tasking on my body. I also have issues that are non work related. The DRASTIC improvements I have felt and experienced are amazing. Dr. White spends TIME with you and LISTENS to you. I also take my children to him every 4 weeks! Every other chiropractor I've been to, popped my neck and my back and... Done. Dr. White checks from head to toe. And yes he even checks my fingers and toes at every visit. And he is SMART! He educates you in many other ways concerning your health and well being. Anyhow, he gets 5 stars from me and I will always be his patient! You should go!





Patient:  C. N.

Comment:  I have been seeing Drs. White and White since Apr 2013. I had many problems - the worst was a headache lasting for 6 months. Within a few visits, the cause of it had been adjusted and it was gone - and hasn't returned. The advice they gave me on how to cope with and help myself overcome problems has been immensely helpful. When my regular family Drs question how I've gotten so much better, I tell them "I saw my chiropractor" and he/she re-adjusted me. I recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic services. Both Dr. White and Dr. White are very professional, attentive and understanding.





Patient:  G. M.

Comment:  I've been coming to Complete Life Chiropractic since they opened and I highly recommend their care for your chiropractic needs. Dr. White is very professional and attentive to the needs of his patients. Come see for yourself!





Patient: C. T.

Comment:  I have been under the care of many Chiropractors in this area but I [have] never felt as well as I do at this moment. Dr. White is the best Doctor I have ever had. She listens to me [and] she is concerned about my physical and mental well being. When I came to her in May 2014 I could not stand up straight. My entire body was in pain due to a chronic back injury. She targeted some pain I didn't know I had. My muscles were so tight I was walking bent over. But with her healing hands and caring heart I am a living witness that her method of Chiropractic works for both old and young. I have made a 100% improvement in just a short while.




Patient:  H. T.

Dr. White [aka Dr. Amanda White] is very thorough with her exam, carefully listens to the patient and explains her plan for treatment. After the adjustment she showed me several exercises I could do at home to help with my complete recovery. She is interested in healing the whole body not just the immediate area of pain. She not only corrected a shoulder problem but has provided much relief to my neck and lower back. I see her on a regular basis at my request for preventative treatment.




Patient:  K. H.

After suffering several years with debilitating cramping pain, it took only two visits to my chiropractor to alleviate the pain. Chiropractic worked for me.




Patient:  P. B.

I began seeing Dr. Amanda White four months ago with nerve pain in my hip and leg. Within the first two or three visits the pain was greatly reduced and now I'm walking without pain. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Amanda White!



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